Kayla & Oscar

Testimonial Kayla & Oscar

“We feel incredible comfortable in front the camera. We have such brilliant portraits and the most romantic photo session shots. All the pictures really do tell a story.”

Amanda & Shon

Testimonial Amanda & Shon

“Philip has impeccable attention to details and a true eye for design. Our photos look like they are from a magazine, and we are so grateful for the memories he captured.”

Julia & Ivan

testimonial Julia & Ivan

“We looked at our pictures and came back to the most wonderful weekend of our lives. Philip has absolutely captured the atmosphere and the feeling of love and happiness that we all had.”

Olga & Dave

testimonial Olga & Dave

“What we appreciate most is the creativity within each picture and the feeling that they are correct the first time, with no major retouching required.”

Tatiana & Alan

testimonial Tatiana & Alan

“One of the photos brought me to tears. We are satisfied beyond our expectations. Philip was very patient and made us both very comfortable during the entire session.”

Mami & Ryotaro

testimonial Mami & Ryotaro

“We have never seen so beautiful, wonderful and heart touching photos. Even though we say thank you 1000 times, it’s not enough. That much we are so happy and thank Philip.”

Jeanne and Daniel

testimonial Jeanne & Daniel

“We can not tell how much we love the photos, they are amazing. Philip is an amazing photographer, and I am so happy that we found him!”

Gwen & Jeff

testimonial Gwen & Jeff

“Bright and natural photographs. Philip was able to take little details of our day to allow us living it again later. We could not hope for better remember.”

Carlan and Chris

testimonial Carlan & Chris

“We have just finished going through all our photos and we have tears streaming down our cheeks and big smiles on our faces. He captured the love and happiness perfectly!”

Alisa & Dmitri

testimonial Alisa & Dmitri

“Philip was very passionate about the project from the beginning. One could see, how enthusiastic he was about finding the best angle, background and creating the ideal picture.”

Kamilla & Andrej

testimonial Kamilla & Andrej

“He not only takes magical photos but through his work you have a story of the entire day. We could not be happier with our choice in wedding photographer.”

Sabina & Konstantins

testimonial Sabina & Konstantins

“Philip is one of the best photographer on the French Riviera. Creative, attentive, professional, talented, adaptive to all circonstances and always up to day photograph.”


My wedding was ten years ago. This is my portrait on the wedding. I remember this day, remember what I felt but when I look at photos of my wedding years later I seem to re-recognize myself, remember new details and pay attention to those details that seemed unimportant then.

I am wedding photographer for almost 20 years. For me, this is not just work or self-expression. Being a photographer is MY MISSION: to capture the happy moments of two loving people and to help them return to it again and again, receive strength and inspiration to continue their journey together. This is my philosophy. This is how I approach every new wedding photoshoot.

Philip Andrukhovich



My goal is to save your tender emotions and feelings during the day. Catch the moment filled of joy and happiness. Allow you to relive it all again years later.
I’d love to hear more about you.

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